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Du, lass dich nicht verhaerten in dieser harten Zeit- Du, lass dich nicht verbittern in dieser bitteren Zeit (Wolf Bierman) Che pretesa essere amati da adulti se non ti hanno mai amato da bambino (A Busi) Hvad man ikke har haft som barn, faar man aldrig nok siden af (Tove Ditlevsen) To live without hope, to work without love (Virginia Woolf)

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

una moltitudine di solitudini: the heart is a lonely hunter

miss brodie has decided to make this a bilingual blog (well, at least for the moment: there are other languages, you monolingual anglophones out there, do you hear ?), so here goes today's ration.

many people come to miss b complaining that they feel alone and that they would like to meet someone, possibly special, definitely unique, certainly one to call their very own. apparently this multitalented genius is supposed to have the gift to make them "happy". what this "happy" really means they seem unable to describe in a faintly articulate, intelligible way, so let's draw a veil on this.

now, let's make this clear: nothing can make you happy if you aren't happy already. not the latest gucci bag, not the fastest ferrari model, not a hunk with (excuse my mouth) a dick of death and a megaton powerfucking technique.

there is no solution, because this is not the real problem. the only way out is to change from the inside, and this is not easily accomplished as it requires immense discipline and longtime training: so, start practising from this very moment, miss brodie says.


At April 29, 2005 2:23 pm, Anonymous janey said...

This is so true. We spend our lives acquiring things thinking that they will solve all our problems. Even if I won the lottery today, I'd still be the same person tomorrow with the same problems. Actually, I take that back. If I won the lottery I wouldn't have any prblems ;>


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