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Du, lass dich nicht verhaerten in dieser harten Zeit- Du, lass dich nicht verbittern in dieser bitteren Zeit (Wolf Bierman) Che pretesa essere amati da adulti se non ti hanno mai amato da bambino (A Busi) Hvad man ikke har haft som barn, faar man aldrig nok siden af (Tove Ditlevsen) To live without hope, to work without love (Virginia Woolf)

Saturday, April 02, 2005

le bonheur est une chanson triste

"There was a time when I would have liked to have been cherished, to be held dear, but then I gave it up as an absurd dream. And from that moment on I've been happy. I've found that by making a relationship with yourself you embrace
your limitations. You no longer suffer from the belief that to live alone is to fail". (Quentin Crisp)

Miss Brodie enjoys her monogamous relationship with herself and values it highly: after nearly forty years she's surprised that she can still amaze herself with never-before-thought-of follies. She definitely is not predictable and though she has repeatedly tried to belong and miserably failed along the way, she is now ready to embark on the longest journey: destination, self-knowledge. She knows that only the departure is certain, that the voyage is perilous and arrival guaranteed to disappoint, but she's staying the course all the same and invites everyone who cares to listen to come aboard too: expect the unexpected and neverending wonders.


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